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We have spent the last 4 years developing an all-in-one instant replay system. The T100 replaces the computer and capture box. Now to record a clip, its as simple as pressing the record button.

  • 3 Minute Setup
  • Battery Powered
  • Endzone Screen Output
  • Weather Shielding
  • Strong Steel/Aluminum Case
  • No Laptop Needed
  • No Wifi Hotspots Needed
  • No External Power Needed
  • View Replays on your HDTV
  • School IT Dept Not Needed
  • Store Entire Season's Clips
  • Easy Setup In Gym or Field
  • Super Easy Multi Angle
  • Patent Pending
  • Built For Instant Replay

How it Works

use your current booth and end-zone cameras

Step 1

Connect T100 to your HDMI Camera and Included Wireless Network

Step 2

Connect your iPads to the Included Wireless Network

Step 3

Press Record on the T100 to start recording, Press Record again to stop recording. Now your clips is immediately transferred to all the iPads on the field. The coaches can then watch the plays over and over again looking for advantages or weaknesses.

Step 4

Archive your clips after the game or upload to HUDL / Krossover for analysis.

Wireless Range

Router: Up to 300ft

  • Range Extenders can increase range
  • Interference will lower range

High Power Antenna: Used at 1050ft

  • For use at away games or in large stadiums


Seconds after a clip is recorded it is sent to the iPads on the field. (using a local WiFi network) You never have to wait until after the game again!
Everything you need to send the clips to the iPads from the Camera/Computer is included. You do NOT need an internet connection. You can use echo1612 on the practice field without worrying about running network or electric cables.

You can now watch your plays on your TV, without controls or black bars getting in your way.


Mark a clip as Offensive Pass, 1st & 10 and it will be synced to the other iPads on the field. Or tag a clip as "Quarterback Review" and show those specific plays to your QB between plays.

Remove the noise! Quickly filter your clips down to the few that are important. Find that offensive pass in seconds.

All iPads connected to the same echo1612 computer will share Clip information such as
  • Formation
  • Play
  • Down
  • Distance
  • ODK
  • Hash
  • Pass/Run
  • Net Yrds Gained/Lost
We've completely rebuilt our drawing engine, you can now draw in colors and even undo a mark.

View any clip at 1/4th or 1/2 speed and see exactly what happened.

Video is the heart of the echo1612 and we feel playback controls are extremely important. We have added new tools that completely change how we use echo as a teaching tool. You can now Pinch & Zoom, quickly switch between next and previous clips, and the all new "Pause Mode" completely changes how we control echo.

Pinch & Zoom

Pause Mode

Loop Clips, Fullscreen Mode, Next/Prev Buttons

Plays are color coded by ODK to easily see when a drive starts and stops.
Start and stop the recording from a single computer, then the video from both angles are sent to your iPads. You only need to ODK once for both your Endzone and Booth angles!

As a bonus, you can now control the recording from any iPad connected to the system. (Even from the sideline)
Using the new video producer mode, you can start both cameras and ODK the clips as they are recording.


Inspired by our customers, we rebuilt the ODK interface for the computer to look like an iPad. This will lower the learning curve, and frankly it just looks cool.

An all new, speedy fast, easy to use iPad Recording interface. Great for indoor sports, or if you need an agile angle when practicing.

Save all the clips from a game as a zip file you can easily backup or send to another computer.

We've all been there, its past midnight and your staring at your screen, entering ODK information. Not anymore! Now I just click "Export Clips" in echo and I'm ready to upload my clips with Mercury and import my ODK data.

Pricing and Packages

See it in Action

High School Football America Radio Show – April 30, 2015
Fisher introduces his audience to HSFA’s new sponsor echo1612. Fisher talks with echo1612 founder Chad Cargill.

High School Football America Radio Show – May 14, 2015
Fisher’s final guest is Tony Merrell, head coach at Christian Heritage Academy in Oklahoma. Merrell is also the National Sales Director of echo1612, the revolutionary sideline replay system that was created at the school.

SunHerald - St. Stanislaus football scores big with new instant replay system...
St. Stanislaus' football team is turning to technology to get an edge. The Rockachaws started using an instant replay system called Echo1612 this season that's similar to what NFL teams use on Sundays...

The Oklahoman - How the Christian Heritage football staff developed a game-changing...
In 5-10 seconds, a coach is already looking at the replay and planning adjustments, using the various tools offered in the software that include a telestrator, slow motion and more... - High-tech Jackets
Eye-in-the-sky technology has made its way to high school sports and the Yellow Jackets have embraced it... - For fixes, Wolverines go to tape, via tablet
“This system we have has helped us because there’s been more than one occasion where we made corrections right away.”...

Stamford Advocate - Technology the next big wave in film access
This rule has been a game-changer for teams out of state and is sure to be technology you will see on the sidelines in Connecticut...

Las Vegas Sun - High school football goes high-tech
"It’s made a world of difference for us," he said. "You can see mistakes about four seconds after the play is over whereas in the past you would have to wait until Saturday morning."...

Head Coach Scott Pingel - Christian Brothers, MO

"Echo helped give us an edge this year. We were able to make adjustments in the game and not wait until half to fix things. Having Echo on the sideline and in the pressbox gave our coordinators instant feedback after each series. Echo is a game changer!"

2014 State Champion - Max Preps Link

Coach Chris Malone - Edmond Memorial, OK

" has changed the way we coach both in games and in practices..."

Coach Brian Allen - Columbia, Lake City, FL

"This system is the best thing going in football."

Coach Chad Gimbel - Blooming Prairie, MN

"...We absolutely love it! It has changed how we coach during games..."

Coach Tim Hatten - Crestview, FL

"Best coaching aid I've used in 27 years as a coach...Awesome product!!!!!"

Coach Reed

"Echo was a huge factor in every game for us during our State Championship season. No bigger than the state semifinals when we made three adjustments off film at halftime that lead us to victory."

2015 End of Season Anonymous Survey

What was the most difficult part of using the Echo system?
"Parting with it when the season was over"

"Tremendous tool, made adjustments so much easier"

"Being able to show our players right after they finish a drive what our opponent is doing and if we are executing the way we should. A picture is worth a 1000 words."

Frequently Asked Questions

echo1612 is legal if your school uses NFHS Rules.

the 2013 NFHS Football Rules, rule states:
USE OF COMMUNICATION DEVICES EXPANDED (1-6): The committee has expanded use of communication devices to allow, coaches, players and nonplayers to use any form of available communication technology during authorized conferences outside the 9-yard marks (7-yard marks in nine-, eight- and six-player competition), on the sidelines and during the halftime intermission period. Use of communication devices by players except during conferences outside the 9-yard marks continues to be prohibited.
Absolutely not. This is an in-game process that simply allows you to see your camera feed on the sideline to allow in-game adjustments.
  • Someone to operate the camera and record each clip
  • A passionate coach who wants an advantage
  • Initial Setup: ~1 Hour
  • Home Games: ~10 Minutes
  • Away Games: ~10 Minutes
No, everything is handled locally, you can run the system in the desert!
We have used up to 6 iPads in a game without any speed issues.
  • iOS 10
    • iPad Mini 2 or newer (recommended)
    • iPad Air or newer (recommended)
    • iPad Pro (recommended)
  • Cameras
    • HDMI Out (with passthrough)
    • For Endzone Systems, you will need a HDMI port on your preview screen.
    • Recommended Cameras

echo1612 is made by coaches, for coaches. We built echo1612 to scratch our own itch. We wanted to see the game from the booth while standing on the sidelines and it grew into echo1612.

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